Welcome on the about page of my personal website. This page is comparable to the README of this website. You can find the features and a readers guide here. Furthermore you will find below all blog posts related to the site itself.


Despite being a simple collection of static pages and posts, this website has some features that differentiate it from others.

  • No Tracking: You read correct. This website doesn't use any tracker. Zero.
  • No Cookies: This website doesn't use any cookies. Hence it cannot connect two visits to the same device.
  • (Almost) no javascript: This site uses almost no javascript. Javascript is only used to make the menus responsive, to replace the Font Awesome span elements with svg elements, to offer a "back-to-top" button and to load images on demand to make site loading faster.
  • (Almost) no external requests: To protect your privacy as good as possible, the amount of external requests is as low as possible. External requests are only used for embedded videos, to load the slim version of jQuery and whenever external media is referenced.
  • Privacy-friendly CDN: The external media is saved in an S3 storage bucket, which resides in Frankfurt/Main and is encrypted on the server-side. The media is then distributed by Cloud Front to Europe, the US and Canada. Only HTTPS connections are allowed by Cloud Front. No access logs are created as far as it is in my control. Perhaps Amazon creates access logs themselves. A custom sub domain named cdn.2martens.de is used to fetch this media.
  • Privacy-friendly embedded videos: Embedded YouTube videos use the youtube-nocookie.com domain which proclaims that no data is stored about the website visitors until they actually click to play the video.
  • Uberspace-powered: This site is hosted on Uberspace 7. That is the current version of Uberspace hosts.

Readers guide

The posts are grouped by categories. These can be found on the main menu. In addition you can find my publications under Computer Science. The reports from the G20 special committee in Hamburg can be found under Politics and there under G20. The Blog category contains all posts that don't match other categories.

Furthermore I created a page about the Snowden refugees which lists ways in which you can help them.

Don't be surprised about multiple languages. I speak German and English and therefore my posts will be sometimes in German and sometimes in English. There is no automatic translation or similar stuff available. If you can't live with it, use Google Translator or similar tools. But I can't guarantee that these translations will be correct.

Blog posts