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  • You know WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. They are all good in their primary objective: being a CMS (of course with varying functionality). You know vBulletin, phpBB, Xenforo or the WoltLab Burning Board. They are all good forum software. You know Wikipedia and therefore MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia, which is an amazing wiki software.

    But what if you want to have a website that combines a CMS with a forum, a wiki and a store? A website where you only have one login and a website that has the same style for every application. Surprisingly there is no easy answer. It is possible but includes a lot of unnecessary overhead. The WoltLab Community Framework is the first step in the right direction by centralizing key features like user and package management. But it has many nasty elements if you want to develop for it. The best (actually worst) example of this is the lack of automated tests. It is simply not possible to test the framework or any application with unit tests.

    The 2martens Web Platform takes that idea, refines it, throws away the technical mistakes and brings it to a whole new level by using Symfony as the technical foundation. Watch the 5 minutes long introduction video on on this page to learn about the key features of the 2martens Web Platform.


    Administrator Control Panel

    Modern ACP with great support for all-day administrative tasks. It can be extended by each package.

    Package Management

    An intuitive package system allows the installing, updating and uninstalling of packages. It even supports package servers for automatic updates. A package consists of one or more bundles plus some metadata.

    User System

    Expandable user system with user control panel (UCP) that provides settings for the general user. Provides profile of user with recent activity, wall comments and more. State-of-the-art password hashing to ensure maximum password security.

    Group System

    Extensive group system that comes with default groups and allows the creation of custom groups. Provides an intuitive wrapper around the Symfony managed ROLE_* access rights. In addition it allows for various types of options (select, input, etc.). Allows for different rights on different levels.


    The 2WP is completely written in OOP. If you ever had to debug code similar to the WordPress code, you will love the clean structure and strict separation of concerns. No large files where you don't know what they do. Every class has exactly one purpose. This allows for high maintainability and reduces debugging times severely. Furthermore 2WP is completely covered with unit and functional tests to minimize manual debugging to the absolute minimum. Writing for 2WP becomes a joy, even if something doesn't work.


    The architecture is designed to embrace extensions. Wherever possible you can add event listeners to provide additional functionality without editing the original files, allowing for easy updates.


    An extensive documentation that helps you to find the relevant pieces quick. From contribution over the package system to available events. In the documentation you can find everything you need to know for developing modern web applications based on the 2WP.



    You can participate in the development of the 2martens Web Platform. Head over to our GitHub repository for more specific information on that.


    Not a programmer? No problem. You can help building the community. Head over to our forum, discuss and spread the word.


    You are a talented speaker? Then help us by talking to other people or presenting the 2martens Web Platform at appropriate locations. You can find marketing presentations in our meta repository under the directory marketing.


    You are good at making interesting videos? Help us by creating promotional videos about the 2martens Web Platform. If they don't suck, they can end up on our Youtube channel. These videos can be short 5 minute long teasers or longer feature presentations. The choice is yours. But if you really want to supplement our efforts, then take a look at the unassigned and open issues on our meta repository for info about potentially needed videos.